Renovation is a broad term that includes a wide range of activities aimed at improving the different aspects of a structure. Home renovation is an effective way to enhance its beauty and appeal besides enhancing its commercial value. From making minor changes to the interiors of the home to changing its entire design and décor, renovation tasks can be as diverse and multifaceted as you want them to be. Depending on the changes you seek in your home design, we at Ashtamangal offer the following renovation services to our clients.

Refit Your Bathrooms

Renovation & Remodeling

Turn your plain and ordinary looking bathroom into a modernistic space with our wide range of sanitary ware and bathroom fittings.  We offer products from different brands to match your budget and style needs in the most effective manner.

Readorn Your Walls

Renovation & Remodeling

Give your walls a fresh new look with a new coat of paint or even by opting for a textured look or applying wallpapers and wall claddings. Our range of high-quality wall décor products offers great value for money and utmost creative satisfaction.

Redesign Your Living Room

Renovation & Remodeling

Change the look and feel of your living room to make it more interesting and lively in cost-effective manner. Choose from our unique collection of art décor, artifacts, and sculptures, etc for exclusive interior décor of your living room.

Redecorate Your Bedroom

Renovation & Remodeling

Fall in love with your bedroom once more by turning it into a cozy private space where you feel completely relaxed and at peace. We help you redecorate it with diverse items that you drive inspiration from and which match your tastes and budget.

Remodel Your Kitchen

Renovation & Remodeling

We enhance the efficiency and style the most important space in your home by opting to remodel it as per the latest trends. Whether you are seeking a modular kitchen or a more traditional one, our remodeling services help turn your aspirations into reality.

Recondition Your Furniture

Renovation & Remodeling

Rather than spending a fortune on replacing your old and worn-out furniture, reconditioning it proves to be a better choice. We help in giving your old furniture a completely new look by refurbishing and strengthening its structure as need be.

Reinforce Your Home

Renovation & Remodeling

Enhance the safety and security of your home by installing our state-of-art home automation and security systems. We offer layered safety solutions that keep home and your loved ones safe from threats of crime and criminals.

Recreate Your Floors

Renovation & Remodeling

Give a luxurious look to your floors by recreating them with the most stylish flooring solutions crafted from the best quality materials including wood and vinyl. You may even choose to add a natural feel to the floors by installing high-quality artificial grass offered by us at truly affordable prices.

Replace Your Lights

Renovation & Remodeling

Proper lighting is the key to making your home look truly beautiful and attractive. Replace your ordinary-looking bulbs and lighting systems with our range of energy-efficient and extremely stylish fancy lights and electrical solutions.

Rejoice this festive season with the best home renovation services from Ashtamangal. Avail our exclusive services and products at discounted prices during this festive season while giving your home a complete makeover with the expert skill and guidance of our professional team.